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  • Taking the Initiative Against Depression February 17, 2018
    Arise and eat. —1 Kings 19:5The angel in this passage did not give Elijah a vision, or explain the Scriptures to him, or do anything remarkable. He simply told Elijah to do a very ordinary thing, that is, to get up and eat. If we were never depressed, we would not be alive— only material…
  • The Inspiration of Spiritual Initiative February 16, 2018
    Arise from the dead… —Ephesians 5:14Not all initiative, the willingness to take the first step, is inspired by God. Someone may say to you, “Get up and get going! Take your reluctance by the throat and throw it overboard— just do what needs to be done!” That is what we mean by ordinary human initiative.…
  • “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” February 15, 2018
    None of us lives to himself… —Romans 14:7Has it ever dawned on you that you are responsible spiritually to God for other people? For instance, if I allow any turning away from God in my private life, everyone around me suffers. We “sit together in the heavenly places…” (Ephesians 2:6). “If one member suffers, all […]
  • The Discipline of Hearing February 14, 2018
    Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. —Matthew 10:27Sometimes God puts us through the experience and discipline of darkness to teach us to hear and obey Him. Song birds are taught to sing in the dark, and God puts us […]
  • The Devotion of Hearing February 13, 2018
    Samuel answered, "Speak, for Your servant hears." —1 Samuel 3:10Just because I have listened carefully and intently to one thing from God does not mean that I will listen to everything He says. I show God my lack of love and respect for Him by the insensitivity of my heart and mind toward what He […]