About Webb City Naz


We seek to LOVE like Jesus, CONNECT like Jesus, and SERVE like Jesus.

Our Essentials

Everything we do is centered around leading people through our four essentials.

Know God

We believe that God wants to have a personal relationship with you. We want to help you find out what that means, where to begin, and where to go. We’re on the journey with you.

Find Freedom

We believe, as we have said, that you matter to God. But if you don't FEEL like you matter, life can seem like a prison.  We desire to assist you in finding freedom from that prison.

Discover Purpose

We believe that God created you for a specific purpose that can be expressed in many ways throughout your life. We want to help you discover, or at least refine, the purpose God has for you.

Make a Difference

We believe that once you know your purpose for existing, God wants you to partner with him and His church body to make a positive difference in this world.  We provide the opportunities that allow you to make that positive difference.

Core Values


We believe love changes everything for the better. Jesus’ love for us changed the world. Our love for Jesus transforms us. Love for our city will impact it for the good.  We love like Jesus loved.


We believe God created us for community.  Life is better when we do life together.  No one should experience life alone.  We intentionally CONNECT with neighbors and invite them into our community.


Because we serve a God who is extremely generous, we believe the church and its people should be radically generous with its resources: time, talents, and treasure.


It's one thing to know about Jesus, it's a whole other thing to know Him personally.  We want to know Jesus as well as we know our best friends.   


Families come in all shapes and sizes these days.  We want husbands/wives to honor marriage, parents to raise kids in harmony with God's Word, and youth and kids to honor God and parents.

  Our community is better when families are better.


We believe in serving as Jesus served. Serving is the same as giving--it is better to give/serve than to receive/be served.  Something supernatural happens when we serve in Jesus name.

Our Beliefs

The community of Webb City Naz believes that God created you,
loves you, and desires to have a relationship with you.
We also believe that you don’t need to believe that before you come to our church.  We value creating a culture of belonging, and you are welcome here regardless of how different or messy your beliefs or background may be.  We believe that as you get to know Jesus, He will inspire you to become just like Him.
Webb City Naz is a Christian church within the Nazarene Denomination. Our message is focused on how a personal relationship with Jesus can transform our lives.
For a more detailed list of our beliefs
you can visit the Nazarene website at nazarene.org/beliefs