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Every member is "salt" and "light."  Who are you influencing in our community for Jesus' Kingdom?

Those who call Webb City Naz their church home accept the responsibility of influencing those around them to become more like Jesus.  Jesus proclaimed us to be enhancers of other people's gifts and strengths and to shed the light of His truth and love.  Webb City Naz family members are not spectators, we are participants with Jesus as He builds His heavenly Kingdom.

Additional resources to help you become more like Jesus...

Nazarene Connect

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Bible App

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A great resource for Bible Studies and other studies to assist in becoming more like Jesus, being the parent God wants you to be, understanding finances, and many more is our church family's subscription to RightNow Media.

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The following are the results of our annual church elections for the 2021-2022 church year:

A total of 35 ballots were cast.  We were to vote for 5 of six candidates by plurality.
Those elected are:

Eunice LeRoy
Dave Pfeifle
Josh Roberts
Tim Peay
Rick George

Our officers were all elected by unanimous votes:

Jim Anderson, Discipleship Director (SDMI Superintendent)
Rhonda McLean, Nazarene Missions International President
John Lionbarger, Nazarene Youth International President

Delegates for District Assembly and Conventions are as follows:

SDMI Convention:  Rhonda McLean & Celia Holland
Nazarene Missions INt.:  Josh Roberts & Leona Feldman
District Assembly:  John Lionbarger & Tim Peay