Take the Next Step

Your journey will only take you as far as you step.

The starting point of your spiritual journey is based in a belief in God.  You will discover that God loves you deeply.  He desires to have a relationship with you, and lead you into a life of contentment no matter the circumstance.  The first step in this venture is to get to know Jesus (the best example of God) on a personal level, then learn how to immitate the way He lived.  We recommend the following steps...

Know God/Meet Jesus

You might know all about Him, but do you know Him?

Understanding God helps us get know Jesus.  And seeing how Jesus lived, helps us understand God.

However, knowing of Jesus and knowing about Jesus is far different than knowing Jesus-- to the point of recognizing his voice. Whenever there is a doubt or question in life, Jesus has an answer for you and for your situation. So, let us introduce you to Jesus, as you get to know him, your faith is bound to blossom.

Find Freedom

Every person who walks through our doors has a story.

You have a life that is unique and matters. But if you don't FEEL like you matter, life can seem like a prison.  Jesus wants you to experience life in the best way possible.  By attending our Finding Freedom classes, you can discover a state of peace that lasts through any circumstance.

Water Baptism

Our public declaration.

Baptism is the outward sign of the inward grace that God is working within the individual to bring them cleansing, wholeness and restoration into God’s family as one of God’s adopted children. Baptisms are meant to be done in celebration and in community.  When you are ready and God is leading you to be baptized, our pastors will discuss it with you and pray with you in making this bold and beautiful decision. We offer baptisms in a variety of ways and will be happy to discuss with you all opportunities for baptism in the near future.

Discover Purpose

What do I do now?

Many of us know our preferences when it comes to a job we like, career we want to pursue, or who we may want to spend the rest of our life with.  However, it is sometimes difficult to discover what would make us truly content and having a meaningful life.  We call this "purpose."


These are your people.

Because it doesn’t matter who you know as much as it matters who really knows you. Really knowing and being known is difficult in our time and culture. Join a Home Group to find people who will love you unconditionally, support you when life is difficult and celebrate with you when life gives you wins!

Join the Mission

It's not about us.

Church is the only organization that exists for the sole purpose of the non-member. We live for others. It’s not about us. God calls us to reach outside our walls and love the world around us. We were placed here to serve the world. Find out how you can get on mission. We have opportunities for you to serve close to home or on the other side of the world.

Get Connected

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