Who We Are...

Go therefore and make disciples...

The community of Webb City Naz are:

  • a Christian People--we live as if Jesus Christ is the center of everything.
  • a Holiness People--we strive to be like Jesus in every way, living righteously at all times.  Further, we believe that God is able to empower us to love Him with all our being and to love our neighbors as well.
  • a Missional People--we live as "sent people" responding to the call/charge of Jesus to go wherever we can, at whatever cost, to share the story of Jesus Christ and invite others to begin a relationship with Him.

The Mission

The mission of Webb City Naz is simply to passionately love our neighbors,
to intentionally connect people to the hope found in Christ,
and radically serve our community.  

The Vision

The vision of Webb City Naz is to create an authentic community of Jesus followers, who experience a city transformed by the life-changing reality of knowing Jesus
as their lord and savior. 

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